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Os Filhos do Mal

Dates and Schedules

11, 12, 16 to 19 March
Tuesday to Friday, 14h30


Sala Mário viegas

Age Restriction

Age rate pending; target audience: 14 and over


They are the children and grandchildren of people who were part of the Estado Novo regime, which oppressed and generated fear to those who went against it. They are also the children and grandchildren of the people who tried to resist and fight this same system. It is in this complex mosaic of voices and memories that we immerse ourselves in Os Filhos da Mal, the new documentary theatre show of Hotel Europa, which seeks by way of real testimonies to explain to a young audience how the Estado Novo operated and how the fight against fascism was done in Portugal. Through the memories that were passed on to the children of those who fought on opposite sides of the barricade, the younger generation can perceive the mechanisms of this regime that dominated Portugal during a large part of the twentieth century and its legacy. With Os Filhos do Mal, the Hotel Europa company seeks to contribute, by passing on real testimonies, to a new reading of this particularly striking period of our recent history.

Cast and Creative

Creation André Amálio Co-creation Tereza Havlíčková Light design Joaquim Madaíl Set design Maria João Castelo Production Hotel Europa


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