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By Carlota Lagido
©Carlota Lagido
Past event
Dates and Schedules

March 18th to 21st
Thursday to Sunday, 19h (available until 0h00)


Sala Virtual do São Luiz - bol.pt



Age Restriction



Carlota Lagido is interested in working with women, artists and non-artists, and using the creative process as a possible platform for feminist, transfeminist and intersectional activism. “I am interested in making a performance-manifesto that aims to contribute to the abolition of patriarchy,” she argues. Mina is a project that is openly involved in feminist issues, a project with and about women. “Some of these women lived in different times. Some have dealt with epoch-specific gender inequality conflicts, many still present today. Some revolutionized the world and many of them were suppressed from history. They will not be present now, but their ghostly presences will, through their tought, their professional, artistic and life paths that will be absorbed in the study of this process. ”

Cast and Creative

Conception and artistic direction Carlota Lagido direction and editing Francisca Manuel e Carlota Lagido Image Francisca Manuel Consulting Shahd Wadi Cast and co-creation Aurora Pinho, Elizabete Francisca, Joana Castro, Joana Levi, Lula Pena, Tita Maravilha, Thamiris Carvalho, Shahd Wadi, Xana Novais Production Assistant Pietro Romani Technical director Mafalda Oliveira scene photography Carlota Lagido Sound Francisca Manuel, Carlota Lagido, Lula Pena Production and management EIRA, O LUGAR DO MEIO/Carlota Lagido Co-production EIRA,  Festival Cumplicidades and São Luiz Teatro Municipal Support PI- Produções Independentes, ORG.IA- Self Mistake, Programa de Residências Artísticas- Alkantara, Latoaria, CML/ Polo Cultural das Gaivotas, Teatro da Voz, Bazar do Vídeo, Companhia da Chanca, Fundação GDA, República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes acknowledgements Ana Cristina Cachola, Tania M. Guerreiro, Marta Moreia, Nuno Patinho, Francisco Correia, Pietro Romani, Leonardo Garibaldi, vizinhos de Alfafar, a cabra de 3 pernas e Blacky


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