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Accessibility has been for a long time a priority at São Luiz. We like to say that São Luiz is for everybody — and we strive daily to ensure that these are not mere words or theory. This attitude begins outside the Theatre, in the way we receive our audience and continues throughout the building, but also determines the way in which we present our performances.

There is, next to the Theatre, a public parking space for people with reduced mobility. Thinking of them, we also made every venue in the Theatre accessible and prepared them with seats to accommodate that audience. Bringing to the Theatre people who often feel excluded ou incapable of coming is paramount to us.

Portuguese Sign Language

Portuguese Sign Language (PSL) is, since 1997, one of the official languages of Portugal and São Luiz, thinking of the deaf community, has integrated it in its programme as of 2007.


Audio Description

Visually impaired people can fully and independently attend our perfomances by means of the objective description of every information we apprehend with sight (facial expressions, scenic environment, etc.) and also by previously getting acquainted with the stage.


Relaxed Session

Talks with the Artists