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Terms and conditions

This statement of terms and conditions applies exclusively to the service of the Teatro São Luiz.

The Internet is a fabulous instrument of communication. Day by day it’s growing importance in our life bringing people and the world closer. The evolution of the society is, nowadays, astonishing.

By all these reasons and so everybody trust more and more in this way of communication, it’s important for Teatro São luiz that all users of it’s services and visitors it’s website have their confidentiality guaranteed.

When we ask for name, address, telephone, qualifications, and others, our goal is to create and maintain a closer relationship with our users.
With your registry, we will treat you by the proper noun, we stay near to you and we are able to answer your needs and requests more efficiently.

If by some motive, Teatro São Luiz feels the need to update it’s terms and conditions, you will be the first to be informed.

Teatro São Luiz Luiz guarantees that these informations will NOT be divulged to other organizations or company.  Teatro São Luiz commits to protecting your privacy and will make a big effort to guarantee the use of efficient technology to improve your on-line experience making it safer and reinforcing your relationship with the Internet.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this commitment.