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By Joana Gama and Victor Hugo Pontes
© Estelle Valente
Past event
Dates and Schedules

20 to 24 March
Families: Saturday and Sunday , 16h
Schools: Wednesday to Friday, 10h30


Sala Mário Viegas

Age Restriction

Target audience: 6 > 10 years; 6+


In the imagination of children, the night is perhaps the first of the big mysteries of life. The shadows, the dark, the silence, the noises in the street and the movements inside the house prompt fanciful thought, many fears, a little fascination. Grounded in a work developed with schools in several stages of its creation, Nocturno inspires itself in many possible nights — in the village and in he city, in the open or inside improbable shelters. Different sounds and experiences, with or without stars, but always under the same dark sky.

Cast and Creative

Co-creation Joana Gama and Victor Hugo Pontes Direction and stage design Victor Hugo Pontes Interpretation Joana Gama, João Santiago and Victor Hugo Pontes Musical composition João Godinho Lighting design and Technical direction Wilma Moutinho Sound Suse Ribeiro and João Godinho Sound design Suse Ribeiro Stage machinery Filipe Silva Production director Joana Ventura Assistant producer Mariana Lourenço Support to the residency Centro Cultural Vila Flor Co-production Nome Próprio, Teatro Municipal do Porto, CCB-Fábrica das Artes e São Luiz Teatro Municipal | Nome Próprio is supported by República Portuguesa – Ministério da Cultura / Direcção-Geral das Artes and is a resident at Teatro Campo Alegre, in the programme Teatro em Campo Aberto


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