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Livro São Luiz 125


On the 125th anniversary of Teatro São Luiz, celebrated on May 22nd 2019, we wanted to look back to the legacy left behind, but also to imagine futures, conscious of all that we are and by all the ones who preceded us. We wanted to put it in a book – a volume that, through texts of diverse authors and different viewpoints, leans over the history, at the same time that it reflects over what should a theater be today, this theater in particular, and what we want from it.

A hundred and twenty fine years past after the inauguration of the then called Teatro Dona Amélia, in 1894, we celebrate the richness of this theater and the important moments of São Luiz, making a social, political and artistic reflection. Coordinated by Vanessa Rato and edited at the Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda, São Luiz 125 gathers, in over 400 pages, texts by José Sarmento de Matos, António Pinto Ribeiro, Filipe La Féria, José Bragança de Miranda, Joacine Katar Moreira, Joana Craveiro among other authors.

Directed by: Pedro Macedo (Framed Films)
Music: Filipe Raposo



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