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100 Amália

Artistic conception Camané Staging and Music Direction Rosário Lucena
©Mendoza, 1950, Coleção Fundação Amália Rodrigues
Past event
Dates and Schedules

11 June
Sunday, 17h30



Sala Luis Miguel Cintra


2h (aprox.)


Free entry, subject to room capacity. Tickets available online at blueticket.meo.pt (50% of capacity) the day before and at the Theater box office (remaining 50% of capacity) on the same day, from 3pm, up to 4 tickets per person.

Age Restriction



How do the younger generations, who were born in the 21st century, feel and live the legacy of Amália?

With artistic conception by Camané, this is a theatrical music show whose interpretation and musical accompaniment is in charge of Músicas & Musicais, a project of the Nuno Gonçalves School Group. Músicas & Musicais has students from 9 to 18 years old and was created in 2004 with the aim of developing creativity and communication through the promotion of artistic-musical activities, essential for the integral formation of young people. Developed in the field of Musical Theater and Orchestra, it aims to value teamwork, the development of self-esteem, autonomy, concentration and respect for difference. Músicas & Musicais provided extracurricular learning, which greatly contributes to the construction of critical, creative and participatory personalities in the artistic scene and, consequently, to an effective inclusion of our young people in the school and social environment.



Integrated in the Bienal Cultura e Educação, 2023 RETROVISOR: Uma História do Futuro, Plano Nacional das Artes


Integrated in the Festas de Lisboa 2023 programme.

Cast and Creative

Artistic conception Camané Staging and Music Direction Rosário Lucena – Músicas & Musicais Scenography Dora Osório Costumes Rosário Fontes MUSICAL PARTICIPATION Carlos Braz, Bruno Pinto, Rita Rodrigues, Maria Corte and João Pedro Silva ensemble Bruno Pinto (euphonium), Carlos Braz (Guitar), Maria Corte (Harp), Rita Rodrigues (Transverse flute), Daniel Freire (Portuguese guitar), Bruno Pereira (Violin), Beatriz Gama (Violin), Miguel Domingues (Violin), Simão Mateus (Violin), Isis Jónatas (Transverse flute), Mateus Encarnação (Guitar) INTERPRETATION Alexandra Rodrigues, Alexandra Barbosa, André Bernardo, Bárbara Duarte, Catarina Barbosa, Erica Dias, Isabel Faleiro, Inês Medeiros, Inês Mendes, Joana Costa, João Lourenço, João Pedro Silva, Lara Penha, Leonardo Alves, Leonce Wombinwo, Leonor Santos, Madalena Reis, Madeleine Lemarchand, Matilde Silvestre, Margarida Santos, Maria Leote, Mariana Gomes, Mariana Santana, Mariana Silva, Pedro Rolo, Ricardo Sideris, Rodrigo Xavier, Tomás Ferreira, Vicente Lemarchand, Victória Paulo STAFF Madalena Silva, Tomás Vale Support Inverte Atelier PRODUCTION CML and EGEAC| Museu do Fado in partnership with Nuno Gonçalves School Group


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