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By Christiane Jatahy Artista na Cidade 2018
©Marcelo Lipiani
Past event
Dates and Schedules

24 November
Saturday, 17h30-6h30


Free circulation is allowed as long as it doesn’t disturb the audience. The cafeteria will be open to the public.


Sala Bernardo Sassetti




Free admission


Closing the programme Artista na Cidade 2018, Teatro São Luiz will receive the installation/video A Falta Que Nos Move, by Christiane Jatahy. A living performance that is at the same time film, happening and a party, involving the public and the film by the Brazilian film and theatre director. In the sala Bernardo Sassetti, the 13 continuous hours of raw material from the shooting of the film A Falta Que Nos Move, Jatahy’s project which started as a play and then unfolded into several other formats, will be projected onto 3 movie screens. In this cinematographic installation, the projection starts at the same time the filming started, on Christmas night 2008 at 17h30, and extends until 6h30 in the morning, giving the public the possibility to watch everything that was filmed, in that tension between reality and fiction, by three handheld cameras, with no cuts and in long plan sequences during a whole night.

Cast and Creative

FILM: By Christiane Jatahy With Cristina Amadeo, Daniela Fortes, Marina Vianna, Kiko Mascarenhas e Pedro Brício Director of photography Walter Carvalho Art director Marcelo Lipiani Direct sound Leandro Lima e Marcel Costa Cameras Lula Carvalho, David Pacheco, Guga Millet e João Atala Sound design Leandro Lima Original score Lucas Marcier, Rodrigo Marçal e Luciano Correa Editing Sergio Meckler e Christiane Jatahy Mixing Denílson Campos; Post-production Thiago Arakilian e Raissa Albuquerque Executive producer Gabriela Weeks Production Flavio Ramos Tambellini e Christiane Jatahy INSTALATION: Creation Christiane Jatahy Space lighting and art direction Thomas Walgrave Space Technical design Marcelo Lipiani Video preparation Mari Becker Video system Julio Parente Producer and tour manager Henrique Mariano


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