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A fox and a woman go into a bar

Um Quarto que Seja Delas Segundo - Ciclo de Leituras Encenadas
Staging and dramaturgy Sara Carinhas Texts Sónia Baptista
©Sara Carinhas
Past event
Dates and Schedules

Tuesday, 19h


Sala Bernardo Sassetti


7€ plus discounts

Age Restriction



S., which will be read by S., writes to herself, through herself, by way of animals, in an oriental way, using minimal gestures of choreographed calligraphy, as if it were memory or lyrics, reciting intimacies of color. Her words, however, can be lent to other bodies that try to reach her and sing the same stories in smiling anguish with her. A fox and a woman go into a bar. The joke doesn’t end well.

In 2016, Sara Carinhas organised the Ciclo de Leituras Encenadas in the old Jardim de Inverno, where excerpts of works by Herberto Hélder, José Tolentino Mendonça, Luísa Costa Gomes, Maria Velho da Costa and Matilde Campilho were heard. Once a month, in the late afternoon, interpreters and the public shared Portuguese words in different voices. Four years later, the Sala Bernardo Sassetti receives Um Quarto que Seja Delas – Segundo Ciclo de Leituras Encenadas, with five sessions taking place between September 2020 and January 2021. A proposal comprising more than twenty women, among authors, actresses and artistic team. “We continue with the intent of sharing the literature and the theatre of the small gestures that words demand”, says Sara Carinhas.

Cast and Creative

Staging and selection of texts Sara Carinhas Texts Ana Hatherly, Ana Luísa Amaral, Lídia Jorge, Patrícia Portela, Sónia Baptista Readings Alexandra Lencastre, Ana Cloe, Ana Nave, Ana Valentim, Bárbara Branco, Filipa Matta, Isabel Zuaa, Joana Santos, Madalena Almeida, Margarida Vila-Nova, Rita Loureiro, Rosinda Costa, Sara Carinhas, Sofia de Portugal, Tânia Alves Sound design Madalena Palmeirim


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