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By Miguel Bonneville
©miguel bonneville
Past event
Dates and Schedules

14 to 19 may
Tuesday to Saturday, 21h
Sunday, 17h30


Sala Mário Viegas


€12 with discounts

Age Restriction

Age rate pending


Miguel Bonneville continues his project of series shows about the lives and works of artists and thinkers whose importance has been vital in his artistic journey. In this performance, where performance and writing take place in a direct connection with radical political philosophies, Georges Bataille – essayist, French philosopher and novelist of the twentieth century – continues to look for ways to develop and unfold a post body – Christian linked to a Dionysian materialism capable of bending, twisting and splitting in two. Continuing to choose the experience sensible to the logical explanation, Bonneville makes the mourning of the “human figure” an endless and incurable process that Bataille wanted or believed to solve.

Three years after the inauguration of the D. Amelia Theater, Frenchman Georges Bataille is born, an intellectual and literary figure who works in several areas, such as literature, philosophy, anthropology, economics, sociology and art history. His writings, which include essays, novels, and poetry, explore subjects related to eroticism, mysticism, surrealism, and transgression. It rejects traditional literature and believes that the ultimate goal of all intellectual, artistic, or religious activity must be the annihilation of the rational individual in a transcendental act of communion. There is no record of his passage through this Theater, but his thinking is fundamental to the history of the twentieth century that the São Luiz crossed.

Cast and Creative

Directed and interpreted by Miguel Bonneville Cast and co-creation Afonso Santos, Vanda Cerejo, Catarina Feijão and Francisco Rolo Original score Luís Kasprzykowski Costumes Mariana Sá Nogueira Hair and Makeup Jorge Bragada Installation Eduardo Abdala Lighting design Nuno Patinho Stage design Nuno Tomaz Follow up Pedro Arrifano Video recording and photography Joana Linda soundproofing BlackBambi PRESS OFFICES Sara Cunha COORDINATION OF PRODUCTION Cristina Correia EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION Teatro do Silêncio SUPPORT Citemor and Residences of Boavista / Polo Cultural das Gaivotas ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Cão Solteiro, Companhia Clara Andermatt and Alípio Padilha Co-production Teatro Municipal do Porto Rivoli and São Luiz Teatro Municipal


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