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By Carla Galvão, Filipe Raposo e Beatriz Bagulho From the music of Bernardo Sassetti
Past event
Dates and Schedules

2 a 5 February
Families: Saturday and Sunday , 16h
Schools: Monday and Tuesday, 10h30
Meeting with the team after the performance for schools


Sala Luis Miguel Cintra


Families: €5 child, €7 adult; Schools: €3 child

Age Restriction

Target audience: 6 > 10 years; 6+

Portuguese Sign Language Audio Description

Families: Sunday, 3 February, 16h

Portuguese Sign Language

Schools: 4 and 5 February, subject to booking


“He who searches for a just relationship with the stone, the tree, the river, is necessarily driven by the spirit of truth which impels him to search for a just relationship with man.”
Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen

From A Menina do Mar, by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, and Bernardo Sassetti’s music, actress Carla Galvão and the pianist and composer Filipe Raposo create a poetic universe on stage, with the help of Beatriz Bagulho’s illustrations and animations: “To tell this story as if you were entering a very important house for you, trying to imprint in your visual and audio memory its architecture. To tell this story like someone trying to preserve the profound beauty of things. Knowing, nevertheless, that they undo themselves like the waves of the sea or the sand dunes. To tell this story like someone imprinting words in music and music in words, in order to build the ‘white house in front of the huge ocean, with your garden of sand and maritime flowers’”.

Cast and Creative

Creation and interpretation Carla Galvão Creation, musical transcription and interpretation Filipe Raposo Directed by Paula Diogo Illustration and Animation Beatriz Bagulho Music Bernardo Sassetti e Filipe Raposo Multimedia Valise d’ Images Costumes and stage design Marta Carreiras Lighting design Wilma Moutinho Sound design Nelson Carvalho Production Violeta Mandillo Production assistant Mafalda Rôla Sound Operation Nelson Carvalho e Suse Ribeiro With artistic collaboration by Ana Pêgo and Renato Linhares Acknowledgements Teatro Meridional, Teatro do Vestido, PQSport – Paulo Fernandes Commissioned by CCB – Fábrica das Artes inc oproduction with São Luiz Teatro Municipal


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