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A Onda (L’Onde)

Nacera Belaza
Alkantara Festival
©Gregory Lorenzutti
Past event
Dates and Schedules

November 19th
Friday, 20h


Sala Luis Miguel Cintra




€12 to €15 (discounted)

Age Restriction



I feel that my whole path is a straight line.
Each of my plays is a milestone on a linear path, without detours.
When we deviate, we know it, we feel it. I believe that this is what those who create should focus all their strength on. The line connecting two points is necessarily tense, without rest.
One and only one purpose tirelessly repeated, but in truth it is on us that we work.
Nacera Belaza

In L’Onde, Nacera Belaza draws on a hypnotic sound narrative to lead the cast through a vigorous, anti-spectacular and admittedly minimalist choreography. Her choreographies draw a personal path, between shadow and low light zones, vertigo, repetition. Between the repetition and the uninterrupted, we can glimpse the eternal search for the Infinite.
Nacera Belaza was born in Medea, Algeria, and has lived in France since she was five. After having studied literature, she enters dance as a self-taught student and creates a company in her own name, where her creations appear as a means of expression – to express herself and to unravel the complexity of her double cultural belonging

Cast and Creative

Choreography, Sound and Light Design Nacera Belaza Performers Nacera Belaza, Aurélie Berland, Bethany Emmerson, Magdalena Hylak, Mohammed Ech Charquaouy Technician Christophe Renaud Production Compagnie Nacera Belaza Partnerships Kunstenfestivaldesarts/ Charleroi Danse, Centre Chorégraphique de Wallonie – Bruxelles, Festival de Marseille, deSingel, Campus International des Arts, MC93 Bobigny, LUMA Foundation, ICI – Centre Chorégraphique National Montpellier-Occitanie; Direction: Christian Rizzo; L’Arsenal-Cité musicale-Metz, Atelier de Paris/CDCN; Support: SACD (duo programme), Institut Français – Ville deParis, SPEDIDAM; Support: LUMA – Arles Foundation and Ilede-France region.


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