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Anita Escorre Branco (2018)

©Alípio Padilha
Dates and Schedules

6 and 7 November
Saturday and Sunday, 20h


Sala Bernardo Sassetti





Age Restriction

Age rate pending


This is a play from 2018. With everything that year implied for Odete: the rebellion against the performing arts, the economies of the gaze that exotified her, the use of her “supposed” identity for perverse purposes, the limits that her body was beginning to brush. “From manifestos to poems, from stories of spirits to inquisitorial fires: everything began to compose itself in my head. My body as an archive of what I didn’t know until then – the embodiment of my no longer present sisters for example. ffffff, there was a wind coming through my bedroom window at that time and caressing my thighs. It was also in that relationship that the play happened. Funny how I have also written a thousand synopses about this and yet none of them can speak of what it is – perhaps because the play I did was the Odete of such a specific phase that it is suddenly impossible for me to describe everything I was and went through. Let it just be clear that she – I – were very, very hurt”, she writes.

Cast and Creative

Creation Odete Make-up Beatriz Neto aka Sibila


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