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By Cláudia Gaiolas
Antiprincesas - Clarice Lispector ©José Frade
Past event
Dates and Schedules

29 and 30 September
Saturday and Sunday , 11h and 16h


Parque da Quinta das Conchas


Free admission

Age Restriction

Target audience: 3 > 6 years; 3+

Portuguese Sign Language

Sunday, 30 September, 11h


Clarice Lispector was born in Ukraine, in a village so small and meaningless it’s not even on the maps. Her parents fled the war and ended in Brazil, where Clarice grew up and became a big writer. She wrote about the mysteries of the universe and of the human soul, but also about runaway chickens, thinking rabbits and a dog who ate cigarettes.

This is a series of performances created by Cláudia Gaiolas based on the Antiprincesas book collection, published by Tinta-da-China and EGEAC, about women who made history — women who don’t wear crowns, don’t live in castles and don’t have superpowers, regular women, real-life heroes who challenged the rules and revolutionised the world through art, literature or politics.

Integrated in the Lisboa na Rua program.

Cast and Creative

Directed and interpreted by Cláudia Gaiolas Assistant director Leonor Cabral Dramaturgy Alex Cassal Stage and costume design Ângela Rocha Executive producer Armando Valente Commissioned by São Luiz Teatro Municipal and Programação em Espaço Público


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