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By Nuno Cardoso
Past event
Dates and Schedules

14 and 15, 20 to 22 September
Friday and Saturday; Thursday to Saturday, 19h


Sala Bernardo Sassetti





Age Restriction



Apeadeiro, third step of the solo tryptic by Nuno Cardoso is markedly autobiographical. Using as reference material both the village where he was born and grew up, and his experience through the years as an actor and a director, he builds an improvised narrative, between memory and fiction, reality and fable, with which he rehearses a possible portrait. Starting from the founding assumption embodied in the sentence “my body is my land, my land is in my body”, he embarks in the search for a place of creation based on gesture. Apeadeiro is not about the real Canas de Senhorim, it is above all the anatomy of an identity that Nuno Cardoso has been carrying in his practice as a creator.

Cast and Creative

Direction, interpretation and dramaturgy Nuno Cardoso Stage design F. Ribeiro Co-production Ao Cabo Teatro, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Centro de Artes de Ovar, Teatro Municipal do Porto  Ao Cabo Teatro is supported by Governo de Portugal / Ministério da Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes


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