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with Rafael Alvarez | BODYBUILDERS
©Elisabeth Vieira Alvarez
Past event
Dates and Schedules

29 April
Monday, 5:30pm to 7pm


Sala Bernardo Sassetti




Free entry subject to registration

Age Restriction

Target audience: +55 years old (-55 years old welcome)


On the date that marks WORLD DANCE DAY (April 29), BODYBUILDERS and São Luiz Teatro Municipal invite you to a celebration of the creative freedom of Dance, proposing an Open Contemporary Dance Class with an intergenerational scope, directed by the choreographer Rafael Alvarez. Challenging and promoting creative encounter and artistic dialogue, between participants of all ages, with or without previous dance experience, amateurs and professionals, celebrating life experience and the pleasure of dancing.

Registration closed.



The CONTEMPORARY DANCE +55 Years® project created and directed in Lisbon by choreographer Rafael Alvarez, celebrates more than 23 years of regular activity – weekly classes, monthly training and creation laboratories, presentation of choreographic projects and shows. In addition to the weekly classes in Lisbon that have been held regularly since 2001, BODYBUILDERS has organized, since 2016, a cycle of monthly Labs in Paris (Micadanses) and since 2023 in Almada in co-production with Casa da Dança – Almada.

Participants are challenged by this dance training and mediation project to delve into the universe of contemporary dance, experiencing possibilities of discovering creativity through the body, starting from an encounter between movement and dance with other materials, such as music, images and space, with a focus on exploring improvisation and creation methodologies in contemporary dance. Exploring emotions, sensations, ideas, memories, sounds and imagery that can be transformed into dances and movement stories. Promoting creative aging, through the stimulation of physical, intellectual and creative autonomy. An invitation to explore creativity, combined with the pleasure of dancing, valuing and celebrating the body of experience.

With a focus on work and involvement between participants over 55 years old, the project equally encourages artistic cooperation between participants of other ages (-55 years old welcome), valuing human diversity in an intergenerational and plural logic.


BODYBUILDERS also organizes, within this context, several choreographic projects (laboratories for creating and presenting shows) in Portugal and Paris, which result from exchanges between participants from both countries.


Cast and Creative

Production and Mediation BODYBUILDERS | Rafael Alvarez PARTNERSHIP São Luiz Teatro Municipal


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