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Picadeiro Jazz 2024
©Alexandra Côrte-Real
Dates and Schedules

14 June
Friday, 5:30pm


Largo do Picadeiro (junto à entrada da Sala Mário Viegas)


Free admission, subject to capacity.

Age Restriction



Aether is the name of the most recent album that Bode Wilson signed with Carimbo Porta-Jazz (2022). After their debut with 26 (2014), followed by Lascas (2017), this trio now embarks on a sonic journey through the mountains of experimentalism and total improvisation.
Like a restless and hungry goat that seeks to reach fertile ground through mountainous terrain, this body of three elements exists and moves in a timbral and aesthetic symbiosis that transforms them into a single element. Like the Aether itself, that fifth element so often used throughout history to explain the inexplicable, Bode Wilson appears volatile, airy and shrouded in a mystery that seems to have existed since the beginning of time. Recorded outdoors in a ruined chapel and integrated into the surrounding nature, this work, in addition to being a musical product, is also in its essence or quintessence, an exercise in meditation, veneration and communion with the universe and humanity.
Aether reveals a trio that does not conform to fixed and defined formulas and that always sets out to discover new paths. A trio that, in addition to the usual tools – saxophone, flute, double bass and drums – adds the charango, percussions and an organ pedal.


Cast and Creative

João Pedro Brandão alto and soprano saxophones, flute, pedals Demian Cabaud double bass, charango Marcos Cavaleiro drums, percussion


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