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Comédia de Bastidores

By Alan Ayckbourn Direction Nuno Carinhas
Dates and Schedules

April 21st to May 9th
wednesday to friday 19h30; saturday and sunday 10h30


Sala Luís Miguel Cintra


Backstage Comedy is a three-act play by British playwright Alan Ayckbourn, centred on the fortune changes of three couples. The action takes place during Christmas celebration and each act takes place at the home of a different couple in a successive year. On stage, the theme of materialism is explored, what does being rich  really mean and the struggles of the middle class.

(videos originally published within the programming of Teatro Nacional São João)

Cast and Creative

Author Alan Ayckbourn Translation Paulo Eduardo Carvalho Direction Nuno Carinhas and João Cardoso Scenography and Costumes Nuno Carinhas and Ana Vaz Light Design Nuno Meira Sound design Francisco Leal Interpreters Benedita Pereira, Catarina Gomes, Paulo Freixinho, Pedro Frias, Pedro Galiza, Sara Carinhas Executive production Marta Lima Coproduction ASSÉDIO, Teatro Nacional São João and São Luiz Teatro Municipal


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