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Esse olhar que era só teu

A Música dos Dead Combo (The Music of Dead Combo)
Past event
Dates and Schedules

28 September
Thursday, 10 pm


September 28
Thursday, 7 pm

Tickets now on sale.


Sala Luis Miguel Cintra


1h30 aprox.


€12 to €25 with discounts | (Not covered by the Culture Pass)

Age Restriction



In music, it is customary to say that major chords are happy and minor chords are sad. It is also customary to say that farewells are sad and celebrations are happy. However, this is not always the case. A major chord can contain within itself all the sadness in the world, just as we can find the opposite in a minor. If farewells are sad, it is because they imply that we are parting from something that was good, that marked us. Celebrations, on the other hand, also tend to be melancholic, if only because we know that eventually they will end and everything will return to normal. This concert is therefore neither a celebration nor a farewell. It is a meeting for the giant Dead Combo family – who have accompanied them, on stage and in the audience, over many years. It is also a space to embrace joy and sadness – the joy of telling a rich and unforgettable legacy, with the sadness of the absence of our friend Pedro Gonçalves, who, despite having left us, in music and in memories, is always with us.


Cast and Creative

Participation Alain Johannes, Aldina Duarte, Alexandre Frazão, Ana Araújo, António Quintino, Bruno Silva, Carlos Tony Gomes, Denys Stetsenko, Filipe Melo, Gaspar Varela, Gonçalo Leonardo, Gonçalo Prazeres, Gui, Isaac Achega, Joana Sá, João Cabrita, João Cardoso, João Marques, Jorge Ribeiro, Luís Martins, Mário Delgado, Nuno Rafael, Pedro Cobrado, Peixe, Sérgio Nascimento, Tó Trips Guest Zoe Vidal Musical Direction Filipe Melo and António Quintino Artistic Conception Ainhoa Vidal, Daniel Neves, Filipe Melo, Helder Nelson, José Morais, Nuno Salsinha, Tó Trips Sound Helder Nelson Light Nuno Salsinha (Tela Negra) Video Daniel Neves Backline João Costa “Moles” and Pedro Cobrado “Gazza” Stage Direction Rui Oliveira “Killito” Production Produtores Associados Production Support School of Rock, Call & Play, Tela Negra, Hipnose, Fauna & Flora, Casa Independente


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