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Eu Sou Clarice

Rita Calçada Bastos
©Estelle Valente
Past event
Dates and Schedules

Monday to Saturday, 19h30; Sunday, 16h


Sala Mário Viegas




12€ (discounted)

Age Restriction



Eu Sou Clarice is the second play of a trilogy, which will end with À Procura de Chaplin. The first, Se Eu Fosse Nina, premiered at Teatro São Luiz’s online theatre in March 2021, and crossed Nina the character from Chekhov’s The Seagull with the biography of the director herself. In Eu Sou Clarice, Rita Calçada Bastos proposes to create a theatrical object based on the life and work of Clarice Lispector, a writer who has always intrigued her. This theatrical object results from the echo that this great writer has in the way she perceives life. The first time she became aware of her work was about 20 years ago, with the book A Hora da Estrela. “I’ve always been interested in knowing who the person behind a book is: what their concerns are, what their life experience is and their understanding of it… in Clarice’s case, this was very present. Her writing material is timeless because it comes from the human condition, from this thing about being a person”, says Rita Calçada Bastos, who describes Clarice Lispector as “the strange, the foreigner, the hermetic, the housewife, the writer, the mother, the person able to go on dying here and there in order to be able to be”. To what extent is the boundary between biography and the work itself becoming blurred? Is the human being not the object of a profound disquiet? And what does he do with it? It is from these questions that the director creates Eu Sou Clarice, a solo performed by Carla Maciel. “Clarice wrote in an overwhelming way about humanity, she saw with her child’s eye everything that you can only see when you die, and then, and only then, she could see the beauty of life,” adds Rita Calçada Bastos.

Cast and Creative

Text and Direction Rita Calçada Bastos Performance Carla Maciel Voz-off Rita Calçada Bastos Dramaturgy assistant Maria Quintans Costumes Rute Osório De Castro Scenography CLOSE2PARADISE Light Paulo Santos Sound Hugo Neves Reis Executive Production Raul Ribeiro Touring and Sale of shows Ana Rebelo Make-up Cris Severo Co-production CLOSE2PARADISE, LDA, RTP and São Luiz Teatro Municipal


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