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Eu sou o outro? (Am I the other?)

Associação Pão a Pão
Past event
Dates and Schedules

19 December
Monday, 6 pm


Sala Bernardo Sassetti



Age Restriction



Tickets on sale soon.


“Am I the Other?” The question that serves as the motto for this meeting in São Luiz is a provocation. But it helps us to question the way we position ourselves in our communities. Portugal presents itself as a country that knows how to welcome. It is true? What do immigrants and refugees have to say about the subject? On this day, some integration processes are known, with their barriers, but also the facilities found.
After the debate, diversity is celebrated through the cuisines of various parts of the world, with dishes prepared by students of the Mezze Escola project, a catering course for migrants developed by Pão a Pão in partnership with the Lisbon School of Hospitality and Tourism . There will be food from India, Libya, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Ukraine.
The meeting ends with the presentation of the show Une Histoire Bizarre, with stories of exile told in the first person, which will be followed by a conversation with the public.
An initiative that wants to testify how food can be the bridge for sharing and affirming identity and how art is also a starting point for new beginnings.


6 pm – Debate Does Portugal know how to integrate?
With: Monisha Sur, Migrantour project guide; Miguel Becerra, jurist; and Alexander Kpatue Kweh, coordinator of the Refúgio Portugal Forum
Moderation: Ana Paula Costa, Vice President of Casa do Brasil
7:30 pm – Dinner Cuisine of the World (Mezze School)
8:30 pm – Une Histoire Bizarre show
21:30 – Talk after show


Une Histoire Bizarre is the story of Salomé, Ali, Huwaida, Lana, Bushra, Sillah and many others. All of them are bizarre stories that have a stage here. Une Histoire Bizarre is a story of waiting and silence, of reunions that take time, even after reaching a safe haven. Une Histoire Bizarre is about misunderstandings, the insurmountable language barrier when you arrive, the loneliness of someone who comes with just a backpack.
Une Histoire Bizarre is life on stage, birth, escape, reunion, reconstruction, life and fight back. Une Histoire Bizarre is a story, above all, of hope and an enormous will to live.


Logotipos dos apoios: Active citizens fund, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Fundação Bissaya Barreto, Turismo de Portugal e Pão a Pão.

Cast and Creative

organization Associação Pão a Pão SUPPORT ctive Citizens Fund, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Fundação Bissaya Barreto, Turismo de Portugal | UNE HISTOIRE BIZARRE PROJECT DIRECTION AND ARTISTIC DIRECTION Sebastião Martins ARTISTIC DIRECTION AND STAGING Júlio Martín THEATRICAL EXPRESSION Ana Sofia Santos and Jan Gomes VOICE AND MUSIC Helena Reis CORPO E MOVIMENTO Sofia Soromenho PARTICIPANTS/PERFORMERS Alafraa Eltoum, Ali Zain, Ana Sofia Santos, Bushra Shhdah, Faribourz Najarzadeh, Helena Reis, Huwaida Sorag, Iryna Rosokhata, Itabore Christian Clearence, Jan Gomes, Lana Alqarnwi, Mahdi Qarbani, Márcia Dava, Marina Burdieieva, Modou Lamin, Rawaa Eltoum, Saeideh Shekoshi, Salomé Anukem, Sofia Soromenho, Waad Hassan TECHNICAL DIRECTION José Carlos Nascimento DOCUMENTARY DIRECTION Tomás Nolasco EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION João Rodrigues


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