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Collectif Kahraba (Lebanon)
©Rima Maroun
Past event
Dates and Schedules

24 to 26 May
Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30 pm; Friday, 7 pm


Sala Mário Viegas


45 min


€12 with discounts (Covered by the Culture Pass - available only at the Theater ticket office)

Age Restriction





The Lebanese company Collectif Kahraba presents Géologie d’une Fable [Geology of a Fable], a show for the whole family about Persian fables, which Aesop was inspired by and which, in turn, also inspired La Fontaine and Marie de France.
Géologie d’une Fable combines narration, dance and manipulation of objects and sounds, with clay as the central element, which Eric Deniaud and Aurélien Zouki model in front of us, to create characters, animals, objects or landscapes, with which they tell universal stories, whose wisdom has been handed down to our time.
What if the first fable had been born out of clay? A show that transports us to the roots of narrative traditions, where we can appreciate the plastic and sound representation of stories that speak of the essence of humanity and that are a common cultural heritage that knows no borders.




Founded in Lebanon in 2007, Collectif Kahraba is a company made up of artists and technicians from different disciplines who believe in art as a means of dialogue and openness. In 2011, they organized the multidisciplinary festival Us, The Moon & The Neighbors in Beirut. With six editions, this event managed to position itself as a platform for collaboration, exchange and meeting between the public and local and international artists. In 2017, Collectif Kahraba took over the artistic direction of Hammana Artist House, a residence space for artists that he co-founded with Robert Eid to develop imagination, curiosity, critical sense and contribute, with shared responsibility, to the construction of a culture of peace. The work of the Lebanese company is reflected in more than eighteen productions that are performed regularly inside and outside Lebanon, in which they explore different theatrical forms, such as theatre, puppetry and dance.


Cast and Creative

Staging Eric Deniaud, Aurélien Zouki INTERPRETATION Eric Deniaud, Aurélien Zouki Music Emmanuel Zouki DRAMATURGY Eric Deniaud, Aurélien Zouki Sound Emmanuel Zouki Light Design Tamara Badreddine SCENOGRAPHY Eric Deniaud, Aurélien Zouki TECHNICAL DIRECTION Tamara Badreddine Sound Design Emmanuel Zouki TECHNIQUE Manipulação de barro e objetos


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