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Étienne Saglio - Cie Monstre(s) (França)
©Étienne Saglio
Past event
Dates and Schedules

24 to 26 May
Friday, 7:30 pm; Saturday, 3 pm and 7:30 pm; Sunday, 3 pm and 6 pm


24 May
Friday, 2:30 pm
(by appointment:escolas@teatrosaoluiz.pt)
Target audience: M/6, primary


Sala Mário Viegas


30 min


€12 with discounts (Covered by the Culture Pass - available only at the Theater ticket office)

Age Restriction



Language: No words


The great magician Kosmao and his charismatic assistant Goupil, a stuffed fox, invite the public to a top-notch cabaret, with dazzling magic acts.
The tricks follow, but this mechanic is interrupted, because Goupil is a rebellious assistant and only does what he wants. After all, before he had this job, he was first a fox and then a stole or scarf for a fashionable Parisian lady…. Goupil is now on the threshold of stardom as an apprentice to a great magician and he won’t stop there…
An unlikely and humorous duo, where a peculiar puppet slowly steals the show from the magician Kosmao and the magic gradually takes us into the universe of animation. Étienne Saglio created a charming and hilarious show, to discover as a family, in a tribute to the Tex Avery and Pixar studios.
Tamer of ghosts and charmer of wolves, Étienne became a figure of new magic. Each of his shows is presented as a journey into the world of illusion, where minds are confused and references are shaken. Without a single word, he manages to take viewers away from his daily life and offers them the opportunity to open their imagination and let themselves be carried away by his invention.


In this show, people smoke on stage.



Etienne Saglio grew up near Rennes. His work revolves around the manipulation of objects and magic. A self-taught juggler, he attended the Lido in Toulosse and the Center National des Arts du Cirque in Châlons, before forming his own company Monstre(s). Magician, actor, juggler, creates and acts in Le Soir des Monstres, Le Silence du monde and Projet fantôme, participates in Nous, rêveurs définitifs. It continues to present Les Limbes, since 2014 and Le Bruit des Loups, since 2019. In 2021, it created a show aimed at young audiences, Goupil & Kosmao.
He is currently working on a new show that will premiere in autumn 2024.
Étienne Saglio is an associate artist at the Théâtre du Rond Point in Paris. The company is supported by Région Bretagne, Ville de Rennes and the BNP Paribas Foundation.


Cast and Creative

Creation Étienne Saglio Interpretation Quentin Cabocel Technical direction Benoit Desnos Stage direction Antoine Zavattero IT creation Tom Magnier Machinery creation Simon Maurice Magic creation Antoine Terrieux Costumes Élodie Sellier Outside look Valentine Losseau, Raphaël Navarro Photographs Étienne Saglio Production, administration and dissemination direction AY-ROOP Coproductions Le Carré, Scène nationale de Château-Gontier within the scope of the Festival Onze – Biennale des Arts de la Marionnette et des Formes Manipulées, l’Agora à Boulazac, PNC Nouvelle Aquitaine, Mars / Mons arts de la Scène, Centre culturel Jacques Duhamel, Vitré Artistic residencies Théâtre de Laval, Le Carré, Scène nationale de Château-Gontier, Centre culturel Jacques Duhamel – Vitré Support DRAC Bretagne, Conseil Régional de Bretagne, Ville de Rennes, Monstre(s) tem o apoio da Fondation BNP Paribas para o desenvolvimento de projetos, Étienne Saglio é artista associado do Théâtre du Rond-Point Technique Nova magia, objetos


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