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Alkantara Festival
@Tiago Moura
Past event
Dates and Schedules

17 to 19 November
Friday to Sunday, times to be announced


Sala Mário Viegas and Sala Bernardo Sassetti


Free admission, subject to capacity. Tickets available at the Theatre Box Office on the same day, from 3 pm on Friday, Saturday and 12:30 on Sunday (maximum 2 tickets per person).

Age Restriction



Kilombo is a place of gathering, resistance and dreaming, where the community nourishes, shares and cares. It is a place of strength and liberation. After a first edition in 2021, the Aurora Negra collective – Cléo Diára, Isabél Zuaa and Nádia Yracema – once again creates a space where they bring together artists who, with their art, have contributed to the creation of dreams and utopias, thinking about the present with the will to transform the future and relying on the celebration of their ancestry and existence. “Kilombo-ing” to celebrate art and resilience.



17 November

Last day of the lion by N▲N▼
Friday, 5 pm | Sala Mário Viegas

Matxikadu by Lukanu Mpasi
Friday, 7 pm | Sala Mário Viegas

Dragon Soup by Carolina Varela
Friday, 9 pm | Sala Mário Viegas

Mário King
Friday, 9:30 pm | Sala Bernardo Sassetti

Sound Preta
Dj Set
Friday, 10:30 pm | Sala Bernardo Sassetti


18 November

The dance of the 04 Elements by Fabiana Correia
Friday, 3 pm | Sala Bernardo Sassetti

Matxikadu by Lukanu Mpasi
Friday, 4 pm | Sala Mário Viegas

Okanran: The origin by Jorge Cipriano
Friday, 5:30 pm | Sala Bernardo Sassetti

“Um transe de dez milésimos de segundos” by Jamile Cazumá & Kbela by Yasmin Thayna
Friday, 7:30 pm | Sala Mário Viegas

CorpoLento by Luan Okun
Saturday, 9 pm | Sala Mário Viegas

G Fema
Saturday, 9:45 pm | Sala Bernardo Sassetti

Lady G Brown
Dj Set
Saturday, 10:30 pm | Sala Bernardo Sassetti


19 November

Mestre Braima Galissá & Orquestra Batucadeiras de Portugal
Sunday, 1:30 pm | Sala Bernardo Sassetti

Lunch with Cachupa Rica made by Africandé

Affectivity and Mental Health in our communities
Talk between Aurora Negra (Cleo Diára, Isabél Zuaa and Nádia Iracema) and Henda Vieira Lopes and Letícia Florencio.
Sunday, 4 pm | Sala Bernardo Sassetti

Kabeça by Aoaní Salvaterra & Joyce Souza
Sunday, 5:30 pm | Sala Mário Viegas

Em Cor Parda by Tony Omulu
Sunday, 7 pm | Sub-Palco

Santa de Substrato Autónomo by Inés Sybille Vooduness
Sunday, 7:45 pm | Sala Mário Viegas
Fanzine (in portuguese).

Karlos Rotsen Trio
Sunday, 9 pm | Sala Bernardo Sassetti


During the three days of the Kilombo program, it is also possible to visit the exhibitions by ROD and Carolina Elis, and explore the stalls selling Nomada notebooks, Bazofo, Madame V Clothes, Kahumb, Wadada Yo, Kapulana San e Afrobloods.

Cast and Creative

A programme curated by Aurora Negra (Cleo Diára, Isabél Zuaa e Nádia Yracema) With Aoaní Salvaterra e Joyce Souza, Braima Galissá, Carolina Elis, Carolina Varela, Fabiana Almeida Correia, G Fema, Inés Sybille Vooduness, Jamile Cazumbá, Jorge Cipriano, Kahumbi, Kapulana San, Karlos Rotsen Trio, Lady G Brown, Luan Okun, Lukanu Mpasi, Madame V Clothes, Mário King, N▲N▼, Orquestra Batukadeiras de Portugal, ROD, Sound Preta, Tony Omulu, Yasmin Thayná — and more, to be announced Commissioned by Alkantara Produced by Alkantara (Ana Tica, Sinara Suzin)


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