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Le Présent c’est l’Accident

Jean-Pierre Larroche - Les Ateliers du Spectacle (França)
@Les Ateliers du Spectacle
Past event
Dates and Schedules

May 14th
Saturday, 18h and 21h30



Sala Mário Viegas


45 min


12€ with discounts

Age Restriction

Age rate pending
Target audience 8+


Musical and visual play for a singer and a musician or the story of a song in construction. In a kind of lab and at the center of a hanging stage, a musician shapes sounds, surrounded electronic keyboards, mixing consoles and other machines. At the distance, a singer pulls the strings that activate hanging sound mechanisms surrounding the musician that, little by little, affirm their own autonomy. The words are exhibited in paper rolls… the duo creates a concert. Objects and sound machines meet in the hands of the artists. But things don’t always go as expected… strange and humorous things happen, such as a broom crossing the stage, producing a series of sound disturbances, a recorder moving with a limp and an axe that falls and chops the power cord… but in the end who’s in the command? In the incredible set imagines by Jean-Pierre Larroche, the electropop duo UTO helps us unveil the happy accidents that happen between the mechanical or electronic mechanisms and humans.

The performance director Jean-Pierre Larroche created the company Les Ateliers du Spectacle in 1988. His performances are written with his drawings, his words and the accompanying authors. He enjoys pulling plenty of strings on stage, uses chalk and a brush, plays with words, handles both the causes and its effects, works on stage with machine and remote action devices. He’s a scenographer and occasionally works with other directors or choreographers. Directs workshops in art schools or school contexts and practices other activities such as the invention of a curiosity office with Fabienne Yvert or – with Groupe n+1 – the creation of an imprecise mathematical vocabulary and the execution of scientific improv. Throughout the summer of 2019, worked in the transformation of Saint Pardoux, a village in Corrèze, in an ephemeral museu. Besides being illustrator, he builds objects and installations. He’s a teacher in the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, in Paris. He’s an architect and builds very special cabins.

Cast and Creative

Conception Jean Pierre Larroche, Émile Larroche, Neysa Barnett, Serge Dutrieux and the collaboration of Léo Larroche with Neysa Barnett, Émile Larroche Light design Jean-Yves Courcoux Sound design Julien Fezans Device construction Jean Pierre Larroche, Etienne Tortosa, Emilien Diaz Production Les Ateliers du Spectacle Co-production Les Transversales – Scène conventionnée de Verdun, Athénor Scène Nomade – CNCM, Saint-Nazaire Support Anis Gras – Le lieu de l’autre – Arcueil /// A companhia Les Ateliers du Spectacle é convencionada pelo Ministère de la culture – Drac Île-de-France e por Région Île-de-France Technique Teatro de objetos musical Idiom Sem palavras


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