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Past event
Dates and Schedules

21 to 30 May
Wednesday to Saturday, 7:30 pm;
Sunday, 4pm


Sala Mário Viegas




€12 com descontos

Age Restriction


Portuguese Sign Language

Bilingual show spoken in Portuguese and Portuguese Sign Language


To watch a beautiful play. Be surprised by sharp text. Revel in a scathing performance. Be entranced by the ingenious scenography. Be delighted with expert actors, with clear and powerful voices that shape the characters. And see everything. Hear everything. Understand everything. Take the “place of the prince” where you can everything, you can see, hear and understand everything. Everything is tailor-made. In the image and likeness of those who are in the center of the world, in a place of privilege. “But … what if there is no text to hear? If there are no voices that make our skin crawl? If the gestures speak louder than the vocal cords? If we invite to the center of the stage those who by and according to the norm are placed in a corner of the stage, so as not to distract attention from the virtuosity that presents itself in front stage? ”, Ask Cátia Pinheiro, Diogo Bento and José Nunes, responsible for the dramaturgy of the show. Língua is a show that uses Portuguese Sign Language as a primary vehicle of communication and that aims to call into question the power and privilege relationships that have structured theatre for a long time. On stage, the confrontation between communication and language models of a theatrical work is sought, in order to render un-important the language we hear (those who hear it …) and to sublimate others, in an attempt to combat the phonocentrism that perpetuates relationships of violence, insisting on forcing everyone to speak in the same way, inside and outside the theatre.

Cast and Creative

Creation Cátia Pinheiro and José Nunes Dramaturgy Cátia Pinheiro, Diogo Bento and José Nunes Interpretation Diogo Bento, Joana Cottim, José Nunes, Mariana Magalhães, Tiago Jácome and other interpreters to be defined Light Design Daniel Worm d’Assumpção and Pedro Nabais Scenography Cátia Pinheiro Sound Vasco Rodrigues Video Vasco Mendes Costumes Jordann Santos LGP Formation Ana Bela Baltazar Executive Production Ana Lopes Support 23 Milhas Coproduction Estrutura, Teatro Nacional São João and São Luiz Teatro Municipal


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