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Luca Argel – Samba de Guerrilha em Cena

Mais um dia
With Nádia Yracema and António Jorge Gonçalves
©Felipe Drehmer
Past event
Dates and Schedules

April 21st
Thursday, 20h


Sala Luís Miguel Cintra


1h40 a


€9 to €17 (with discounts)

Age Restriction



After an album and an illustrated newspaper, the show Samba de Guerrilha is the third phase of a musical research project by Brazilian Luca Argel, with re-recordings of sambas from different eras, in which each song is permeated by a text that contextualizes it, linking one theme to another and weaving a narrative line. Each story reflects an episode of political resistance against slavery and racism, led by cultural manifestations of the African diaspora in Brazil. Fights that had in the samba a witness or even an instrument of denunciation and subversion of a colonial logic that rules the social relations in the country and has not been overcome until today. The re-recordings do not reproduce the traditional sound of the genre – quite the contrary. The arrangements of the songs use instruments and textures from other genres such as rock, hip-hop and electronic music. On stage, Samba de Guerrilha makes the interdisciplinary crossings present in the project since its genesis, with a band directed by Luca Argel, who plays its songs, and also a dramaturgy work that presents the stories behind the songs, with staging and real-time drawing by the Portuguese illustrator António Jorge Gonçalves.

Cast and Creative

Staging and real-time drawing António Jorge Gonçalves Music Luca Argel Performance Nádia Yracema Light design Anabela Gaspar Sound Hugo Valverde


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