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Make Yourself At Home

by Marta Pedroso and Francisco Leone
©Marta Pedroso
Past event
Dates and Schedules

February 4th and 5th
Friday and saturday, 18h to 19h

February 6th
Sunday, 15h30 to 16h30

February 9th to 19th
Tuesday to sunday, 17h to 18h

February 20th
Sunday, 14h to 15h

March 3rd to 5th

Thursday to Saturday, 17h to 18h

March 6th
Sunday, 14h to 15h


Foyer of the Sala Luis Miguel Cintra (february 4th to 13th) and Janelão Sala Bernardo Sassetti (february 15th to march 6th)


Free admission, subject to capacity, with previous ticket collection

Age Restriction

Age rate pending


Within times of dystopia, when we’re forced into those which the technical lingo call quarantine and social isolation, we’re confronted with loneliness, with ourselves and our bodies enclosed in a space; locked.
We forcefully begin to try and look away to wherever we can, an escape point that for now can only be from the outside towards the within.

From the small space we’re now confined to – more or less luxurious shelter, house walls weakly connected to the outside world, to the space even more inward bound which is ourselves, our body, our person, our capacity to be and to resist.

This is a manifesto of the women in quarantine, the body in quarantine; a body that’s whole or in parts. It’s a message regarding love towards the body and its acceptance.

Cast and Creative

Conception and production Marta Pedroso and Francisco Leone Text Cláudia Lucas Chéu Graphic design Ana Fatia Executive production Sofia Leone Press office Sara Cavaco


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