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Mário Laginha – a solo para os mais novos

Mário Laginha
©Márcia Lessa
Past event
Dates and Schedules

29 September
Saturday, 15h30


Sala Bernardo Sassetti


€3, €7 adults

Age Restriction

Target audience: > 6 years; 6+


On the same day he will be performing a concert for “grown ups” as a trio, pianist and composer Mário Laginha plays solo, in the afternoon for a younger audience, revisiting some of his more representative themes, bringing his music closer to younger generations. Jazz music will house this concert but it won’t stop there. As always, Laginha will cross the borders and will present a music where almost everything is present, true to his opinion that nothing should be left out. A jazz music with many echoes, open to any age group.

Cast and Creative

Piano and Compositions Mário Laginha Co-presentation ONC Produções Culturais e São Luiz Teatro Municipal


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