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Miguel Meets Karima

©Richard Louvet
Past event
Dates and Schedules

7 to 16 December
Thursday to Saturday, 7:30 pm


Sala Mário Viegas




€12 with discounts (Covered by the Culture Pass - available only at the Theater ticket office)

Age Restriction



Spoken in English.


Miguel Meets Karima is a piece for a single performer. On stage, there is only Miguel Pereira, Portuguese choreographer, but the audience only sees Karima Mansour, Egyptian choreographer. They met during a residency in Italy, did a small performance and received several proposals to develop work together. For a year, they travelled three continents in residencies and preparatory work, until two weeks before the premiere, at Alkantara festival in Lisbon, after many differences and misunderstandings, they got angry for good and decided to do each their own piece. Miguel Meets Karima is the story of these meetings and disagreements, of much of what brought them together and then came to separate them. It is a very detailed account not only of their relationship, but also of the intricacies of the arts, and of the obsession of programmers to generate partnerships that explore the games of complicity and contrast between two creativities, two cultures, two genres, etc.


This piece premiered at the Alkantara Festival in 2006 in the context of the Encontros Imediatos program.

Cast and Creative

Conception and Interpretation Miguel Pereira Dramaturgical collaboration Roger Bernat and Rui Catalão Costume execution Mónica Bertran Executive production O Rumo do Fumo, Alkantara and Panorama Rio Dança Co-production Festival Alkantara 2006, Panorama Rio Dança, O Rumo do Fumo, MAPA – Cel-lula Sant Mori, Jangada de Pedra, Galeria ZDB Artistic residency CENTA – Centre for the Study of New Artistic Tendencies, Cel-lula Sant Mori, Negócio/ZDB   Support European Cultural Foundation, Telemar (Brazil) /// Rumo do Fumo is a structure funded by Ministério da Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes


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