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Fernando Mota
©Mário Melo Costa
Past event
Dates and Schedules

10 e 11 october
Saturday and sunday, 16h


8 e 9, 12 e 13 october
Thursday, 10h30; Tuesday and friday, 10h30 e 14h30


Sala Mário Viegas


45 min.


€7 adult, €3 child

Age Restriction


Portuguese Sign Language

10 october, saturday, 16h


Was it, was it? It was right. This is the story of a boy who had a dream. It’s a story of escape and travel, from the rice fields and mandinga drums of Gabu to the rhythms of Guinea, through Moscow, Bissau and Lisbon. What does a boy have to do to find his place in life and in the world? After Mapa – Estórias de Mundos Distantes e Contos e Cantos, premiered in March 2018 at teatro São Luiz, Fernando Mota returns with Mininu, a show that uses several types of languages such as theatre, literature, music, visual arts and video. Inspired by Guinean culture, it is created in the wake of Nha Mininu, a project that involved the collection of traditional children’s songs in all regions of Guinea-Bissau and the production of an album with original arrangements and the participation of Guinean musicians residing in Portugal.

Listen and download the Nha Mininu album for free: nhamininu.acaravana.pt

Cast and Creative

Text and Artistic Direction Fernando Mota Co-creation and Interpretation Ana Sofia Paiva, Fernando Mota, Gueladjo Sané and José Grossinho Video Mário Melo Costa Visual arts and props Mário Melo Costa Light design and technical operation Catarina Côdea Production and Coordination Violeta Mandillo Stage photography Mário Melo Costa Pedagogical proposals and Illustrations Margarida Botelho Poster photography Mário Rainha Campos Support Companhia de Actores Coproduction A Caravana, CCB – Fábrica das Artes, Artemrede, Teatro Aveirense, Centro das Artes e do Espetáculo / Câmara Municipal de Sever do Vouga and São Luiz Teatro Municipal Creation inspired by the Nha Mininu collection and edition project, under “Cultura i nô balur” – promoted by FEC – Fundação Fé e Cooperação and partners, with funding from the European Union, Misereor and Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, I.P.


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