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Mulheres de Shakespeare (Shakespeare’s Women)

CREATION Ensemble - Sociedade de Actores
Dates and Schedules

11 to 14 July
Thursday to Saturday, 8pm; Sunday, 5:30pm


Sala Luis Miguel Cintra




€12 to €15 with discounts (Covered by the Culture Pass - available only at the Theater ticket office)

Age Restriction



Women’s roles are very prominent in Shakespeare’s works. Although they are relegated to the background due to contingencies that are certainly more social than dramaturgical, the English author nevertheless shows us how they have a decisive influence on the decisions of men, who assume themselves to be the centre of decision-making and power. After all, what does the feminine spirit represent and what is its relevance in Shakespeare’s work, and how is it defined in an assumedly male context that prevented women themselves from performing on stage? Is it just a counterpart that allows us to justify the actions of men or, on the other hand, is their praise taken on by the bard as a kind of “escape from censorship” and the political and social contingencies of his time? In addition to Emília Silvestre, who gives body and voice to Shakespeare’s women, and Sofia Fernandes, who sings some of the sonnets, Mulheres de Shakespeare features dramaturgy by Fátima Vieira and Matilde Real, great connoisseurs of Shakespearean works and themes.



Dissemination support  

Cast and Creative

Dramaturgy and translation Fátima Vieira and Matilde Real Direction and set design Carlos Pimenta Lighting design Rui Monteiro Music and sound design Ricardo Pinto Video João Pedro Fonseca Costumes Bernardo Monteiro Acting Emília Silvestre and Sofia Fernandes Support U. Porto Press/Editora da Universidade do Porto, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian/Programa Gulbenkian Cultura, Antena 2 and RDP África Co-production Ensemble, Casa das Artes de Famalicão, Teatro Municipal de Bragança and São Luiz Teatro Municipal /// ENSEMBLE is a structure financed by the Ministry of Culture/Directorate-General for the Arts


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