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My Songs – A minha revolução! (título provisório)

Sílvia Real
Dates and Schedules

February 2nd to 6th
Wednesday to Saturday, 19h30; Sunday, 16h


Sala Mário Viegas


€12 (with discounts) 

Age Restriction



“Not everything we face can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced”.
James Baldwin

Lullabies, love songs and intervention songs have always been part of Sílvia Real’s life. “I have always loved to sing: to put my children to sleep, in the shower, cooking or when I travel alone in the car. I have also sung in some shows, standards and original songs,” she says. The show that was supposed to be a solo show was transformed into a show of exchange with her artistic accomplices, the choreographer Francisco Camacho and the musician Sofia Sequeira, with whom she has worked on several projects, and with two young artists, Beatriz Valentim and Magnum Soares, performers in A Laura quer!, the last show of Grupo 23: silêncio! with whom she wanted to collaborate again. Thus is My Songs – A minha revolução!: ” Just singing, learning new songs and playing other instruments, a personal revolution for me as a performer, a huge challenge. But also a way to relax when faced with what I observe in this very sad world… The anguish of many people, the avalanche of deaths and the multiple discriminations, such as ethno-racial and gender, which accumulate and worsen and put an enormous burden on us individually and collectively. Each person finds his or her possible escape. This was the one I found to endure this moment in our history”, describes Sílvia Real.

Cast and Creative

Artistic direction Sílvia Real Choreography Francisco Camacho and Sílvia Real Performers Beatriz Valentim, Magnum Soares and Sílvia Real Musical direction Ana Sofia Sequeira Human Rights consultancy Simone Andrade Costume support (from the collection of costumes by Ana Teresa Real) Ainhoa Vidal Light design Frank Laubenheimer Communication Susana Ribeiro Martins Executive production Sofia Afonso Co-production Produções Real Pelágio, Câmara Municipal de Castelo Branco, Câmara Municipal de Torres Vedras and São Luiz Teatro Municipal Produções Real Pelágio is a structure financed by the Ministério da Cultura – Direção Geral das Artes and supported by the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa and SIB A Voz do Operário


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