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Teatro O Bando
From a book by Mia Couto Directed by João Brites
Netos de Gungunhana ©Hirton Fernandes
Past event
Dates and Schedules

25 October to 11 November
Wednesday to Saturday, 21h; Sunday, 17h30


Conversation with the team after the performance:
Sunday, 28 October, 17h30



Sala Luis Miguel Cintra


€12 to €15

Age Restriction


Portuguese Sign Language Audio Description

28 October, Sunday, 17h30


This new creation from O Bando is a cooperation between Portuguese, Brazilian and Mozambican artists based on the As Areias do Imperador trilogy by Mia Couto. Netos de Gungunhana reflects on the small webs of power present in the smallest form of society, the family, who extend themselves progressively to the tribes, the cities, the countries and the federations. This show builds itself around the character of Gungunhana, the last emperor of Mozambique who was, for some, a hero and a saviour and, for others, a dictator and a nightmare; on stage, reality is regarded as a set of different points of view. Thus, colonialisms, historical as well as our daily colonialisms, domestic manipulation and facade leaders but also power manoeuvres in the shadows and for all to see are questioned. ​Netos de Gungunhana is a project that crosses borders. Borders in time and space. Borders beyond our look.

Cast and Creative

Creation Teatro O Bando Text Mia Couto Dramaturgy Miguel Jesus Staging and stage design João Brites Music Jorge Salgueiro Corporeality Giselle Rodrigues Costumes Clara Bento Lighting design Guilherme Noronha Cast Alice Stefânia, Bruno Huca, Diego Borges, Fernando Santana, Raul Atalaia, Rita Couto, Sufaida Moyane, Suzana Branco and Té Macedo Partner groups Fundação Fernando Leite Couto, Teatro do Instante Support Instituto Camões, FUNDAC – Moçambique and UNDANDY Co-production Teatro O Bando and São Luiz Teatro Municipal


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