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O Salto

TEXT AND STAGING Tiago Correia / A Turma
©Francisco Lobo
Past event
Dates and Schedules

4 to 8 October
Wednesday to Saturday, 8 pm; Sunday, 5:30 pm


Sala Luis Miguel Cintra




€12 to €15 with discounts (Covered by the Culture Pass - available only at the Theater ticket office)

Age Restriction



At the beginning of the 1970s, a group of young people are struggling to survive in a bumpy attempt to emigrate illegally. A young man, involved in scams, in debt and persecuted, plays the role of smuggler to exploit a group of young people who, like him, but for different reasons, want to cross the border illegally. After a police chase near the border, a tragic car accident jeopardizes those who have taken him at his word. A girl who wants to reunite with her family, a child she is protecting, a deserter and a revolutionary wanted by the police are the other crew members on this journey. Severely injured by the accident, in need of medical attention and in the crosshairs of a police search, they will have to make difficult choices about who moves on and who stays behind.

O Salto is an original research and dramaturgy project on Portuguese emigration in the 1960s and 1970s, which aims to uncover a period of recent history that, for various reasons, often remains taboo – due to the misery and obscurantism in which it was lived, the oppression of the dictatorship or because it invokes the dissident theme of desertion to the colonial war. A drama that draws on real-life testimonies to record and deconstruct vivid memories of Portuguese history and to construct a tragic extreme situation that pushes the characters – in their struggle for better living conditions – to face death itself and reveal the deepest contradictions of human nature.

Cast and Creative

Original Text and Direction Tiago Correia Acting Beatriz Maia, Inês Filipe, João Nunes Monteiro, Rafael Ferreira, Sofia Vilariço and André Júlio Teixeira Set Design Ana Gormicho Costume Design Sara Miro Light Design AND TECHNICAL DIRECTION Pedro Nabais Direction and Video Design Francisco Lobo and Pedro Carvalhinho Original Music André Júlio Turquesa Sound Design Vasco Zentzua CHARACTERIZATION Design Blue CONSTRUCTION ASSISTANCE Alya Ana Lopes Executive Production Diana Estrela production Assistant Beatriz Lobo COMMUNICATION Ana Rita Rodrigues Support CARB – Cooperativa Artística da Raia Beirã, Centro Cultural Português – Instituto Camões in Paris and CRIA – Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia Acknowledgments Adelino e filhos, Adolfo Barbosa, Ana Luísa Delgado, Deolinda Oliveira, José Moreira (Renovapeças), Glória Espírito Santo, Isabel Corte-Real, Ira de Jesus, Iúri Oliveira, José Vieira, Lola Sousa, Margarida Ferreira, Nélson Oliveira, Reboques Leonel, Regina Guimarães, Ricardo Leite, Simão Barros, Sónia Ferreira Co-production A Turma, Teatro Nacional São João, Theatro Circo and São Luiz Teatro Municipal /// A Turma is a structure funded by República Portuguesa / Ministério da Cultura – DGArtes


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