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Ainhoa Vidal
Past event
Dates and Schedules

21 and 22 September

Saturday and Sunday, 11h and 16h


Sala Mário Viegas




€3 children €7 adults

Age Restriction

6 months > 2 years old


The audience arrives at the theatre as if going to the beach, with their towels, buckets and hats. They enter the performance hall and find a sea, settling themselves around it. The children are invited to dive in its depth, finding mermaids, jellyfish, sharks, crabs and seahorses. Like the waves, the divers will travel without danger in the deep ocean in a crocheted stage design.


Oceano is a project that aims to dignify elder citizens through their life experiences and knowledge. It is divided into two performances: Heróis (presented in October 2017), stems from the experiences and memories of the senior community; and Oceano from the manual knowledge and craftsmanship of this community.

Cast and Creative

Creation, interpretation, costumes, stage design support Ainhoa Vidal Music Pedro Gonçalves Stage design Carla Martínez Lighting design and Video Nuno Salsinha Residence Centro de Dia da Sé Production Célia Costa Commissioned by São Luiz Teatro Municipal in co-production with Teatro Aveirense


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