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Paisagens Sem História II

Água Parada
Comemoração do centenário de Maria Judite de Carvalho Directed by Cristina Carvalhal
©Adriana Molder
Dates and Schedules

October 26th
Tuesday, 19h


Sala Bernardo Sassetti



Age Restriction

Age rate pending


“Reading Maria Judite de Carvalho is like diving into an immense cauldron of nameless things, because they are treated with extreme modesty, and which seem to explain us, like the crown of a tree reflects its roots hidden in the ground”, writes Cristina Carvalhal, who commemorates the writer’s centennial at Teatro São Luiz’s Sala Bernardo Sassetti with a cycle of three staged readings of excerpts from her work, framed by an installation by Adriana Molder. In the last session, there will also be a conversation with Inês Fraga, the author’s granddaughter and a scholar of her work. “We investigate the scenic potentialities of a writing full of images, with the freedom that a staged reading allows, letting small gestures invite the spectator to fill in these landscapes, that we could call without boats, like the title of one of her short stories, but that we called without history, because they are eternal”, notes Cristina Carvalhal.

Reading II
26 outubro, terça, 19h


Cast and Creative

Directed by Cristina Carvalhal Readings by Manuela Couto, Nuno Nunes, Sílvia Filipe e Madalena Palmeirim Music Madalena Palmeirim Installation Adriana Molder Executive production Sofia Bernardo Co-production Causas Comuns e SLTM /// A Causas Comuns é um estrutura financiada pela  República Portuguesa  –  Cultura | DGARTES  –  Direção-Geral  das  Artes


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