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Workshop of Puppetry and Animated Forms
Directed by Isabel Barros - Teatro de Marionetas do Porto (Portugal) FIMFA Lx24
Past event
Dates and Schedules

25 and 26 May
Saturday and Sunday, from 10am to 1pm


Sala de Ensaios




Experimental and pratical workshop based on the language and creative processes of Teatro de Marionetas do Porto.
The crossing and connection between dance, theatre, puppet theatre and object theatre.
The body/object, foundations of animation/manipulation for the theatrical dialogue.
The puppet, silent actor, deprived of autonomous movement and its composition, set of living materials (puppeteer) and inanimate materials. Fragment body, which proposes to “perform” a momentary reality, a kind of canvas through which new images are formed, synthesis of bodies, dialectic between the living and the inanimate.
The relationship of the object with the actor; the motor center of the body towards other parts of the body; impulse, distance, occupation and relationship with the space, are some of the points that will be proposed in a work between technique and improvisation.

For: Puppeteers, actors, dancers, singers, circus artists, performing arts students
Number of participants: 12
Deadline for applications: 23 May 2023

-The participants should bring comfortable clothing.

Info and registrations:
The registration in the workshop is made by the duly filled application form in Google Forms or in doc file – in this case it must be send to: fimfafestival@gmail.com or atarumba@gmail.com.

Selection in order of registration after payment. Once the application has been analysed, its acceptance will be communicated and the method of payment for the workshop will be indicated.



Isabel Barros, throughout her career, has developed work as a choreographer, interpreter, programmer and trainer. She was born in Porto and is a member of the board of directors of Balleteatro which she founded. She has been the artistic director of Marionetas do Porto since 2010, and of Museu das Marionetas do Porto, inaugurated in 2013. She has a board range path of artistic creation, in which the crossing of languages, namely dance, theatre and puppetry, stands out. From very early she was interested in creating moments of programming related to dance, theatre and performance, giving privilege to transversal and alternative formats and space for emerging creators. After her initial training in classical dance with Ruth Howner she held several courses in contemporary dance and composition in Paris, where she lived and studied. She took part in several seminars led by Gisèle Barret and Pierre Voltz at Institut d’Etudes Théâtrales – Paris III. In 1996, in Berlin, she took an internship with Susanne Linke where she developed solo performance work. She studied theatre and completed a degree in Theatre at Escola Superior Artística do Porto. In addition to the regular presentations of her work, she has been a regular contributor to Marionetas do Porto since 1994, at the level of co-creation, movement and choreography of the company’s various shows. She was awarded the Almada prize (1999), attributed to Balleteatro, as a distinction for the work carried out at the programming level. In 2018 she received Medalha Municipal de Mérito – Grau Ouro.

The company Teatro de Marionetas do Porto received in 2024 the Henrique Delgado Merit Award.

Cast and Creative

Directed by Isabel Barros – Teatro de Marionetas do Porto organisation A Tarumba – Teatro de Marionetas


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