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Poesia Incompleta (Incomplete Poetry)

by Maria da Graça Varella Cid
book release
Past event
Dates and Schedules

February 10th
Friday, 6pm


Sala Mário Viegas


Free admission, subject to room capacity.


Parallel to the premiere and presentation of the show Invencível Armada, UMCOLETIVO organizes the launch of the book Poesia Incompleta, by Maria da Graça Varella Cid. They write: “Research on women who wrote in the 20th century advanced and the need to find their works became imperative. Many of these searches have made us characters in detective novels. Some of these searches were unsuccessful. We do not know whether the ephemeral nature of the Theater would be enough to rescue Maria da Graça Varella Cid from oblivion. That’s why we dreamed, in addition to this show, a book. The book we launch at Teatro São Luiz, on the 10th of February, at 6 pm. To the unpublished ones, A Invencível Armada and A Pausa e o Lugar, were added the other texts that the author edited – practically disappeared. And so we arrive at Incomplete Poetry.” This is the first of the books in the Ventriloquia collection, by UMCOLETIVO and Tigre de Papel, which aims to make known works by women who wrote in Portuguese in the 20th century.

Cast and Creative

Speakers Cátia Terrinca (UMCOLETIVO), Fernando Ramalho (Tigre de Papel) and Ricardo Boléo poem reading Joana Martins Organization UmColetivo and Tigre de Papel


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