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Repórter X

André Murraças
Dates and Schedules

Thursday, 19h; Wednesday, friday and Saturday, 20h; Sunday, 16h


Sala Mário viegas


Repórter X is a musical in the form of a cabaret, about the life of the most famous Portuguese journalist: Reinaldo Ferreira. On stage, we travel to the Lisbon cabarets’ nights in the 20s and wander between the real stories of that bohemian environment and the stories made up by the reporter who delighted the city. Fake journalist, amazing fiction writer, unsuccessful family man and professed morphine addict, Reinaldo Ferreira imagined interviews with Mata-Hari and Conan Doyle, sent reports from Russia without ever going there, created one of the first detectives in crime fiction, formed an endless gallery of serial publication heroes, founded newspapers and made films. He is the central character of this play with a lot of jazz, femmes fatales and bankrupt aristocrats. With him we return to Rossio’s cabarets, to the evenings at Maxime and outside Bristol Club, to see the aristocracy mixed with loose women and neighbourhood gangsters. A Lisbon that existed and the other Lisbon that only existed in the mind of this reporter. A show that talks about the importance of stories in our lives and how we need to believe in them, even if they’re a lie.

Cast and Creative

Text, staging, set design and costumes André Murraças Song lyrics André Murraças Actors Joana Manuel, Mónica Garnel, João Duarte Costa, Francisco Goulão and Samuel Alves Producer Diana Almeida Production Pinguim Púrpura Support Fundação GDA


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