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Se Eu Fosse Nina

Rita Calçada Bastos
Dates and Schedules

Tuesday to Saturday, 19h


Janelão, Sala Bernardo Sassetti


Through a work of writing and dramaturgy, Rita Calçada Bastos establishes a dialogue of assumptions and conjectures between a Nina stolen to the texts The Seagull, by Anton Chekhov, and The Notebook of Trigorin, by Tennessee Williams, as well as with the actress’ own imaginary. “What would have happened to Nina if she hadn’t moved in to Moscow, to a hotel room giving herself over to the delusions of her passion for Trigorin? How do our choices influence the place where we find ourselves?” asks the creator. Se Eu Fosse Nina reflects, through a solo exercise, on the boundary between theatrical fiction and reality, the universe of choices and its practical consequences and the very layers of representation: a character who is trapped in the theatre and an Actress who wants to save her.

Cast and Creative

Concept, Text and Direction Rita Calçada Bastos Interpretation Carla Maciel Light design Paulo Santos Set design and Costumes Rute Osório de Castro Music and Soundscape Hugo Neves Reis Executive producer Raul Ribeiro Production Close2Paradise


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