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Picadeiro Jazz 2024
©Fabio Dondero
Dates and Schedules

15 June
Saturday, 5:30pm


Largo do Picadeiro (nearby Sala Mário Viegas entrance)


Free admission, subject to capacity.

Age Restriction



The Camila Nebbia and Sofia Borges’ duo is far from being just another project in their careers. Both have many characteristics in common – not just the fact that they are two foreigners living in Berlin: Nebbia is originally from Argentina and Borges was born in Portugal.
In addition to music, both have a parallel activity in the visual and performing arts. Nebbia with Super 8, destroyed archives, expanded cinema and digital video, and Borges getting involved in dance and theater shows. Be that as it may, music is his main creative medium, Nebbia on tenor saxophone and Borges using various instruments and materials: drums, percussion, field recordings and electronics, exploring new ways of mixing improvisation and written composition. Camila Nebbia is very cinematic and imagistic in her way of playing and Sofia Borges makes the nature of the concert as a performance act more performative, this happens solo or in associations with important musicians such as Michael Formanek, Tom Rainey, Susana Santos Silva, Craig Taborn, Mat Maneri, Axel Dörner and Robyn Schulkowsky, among many others.
A music that experiments and investigates the relationships between time and space, dealing with factors such as memory and identity and expanding established languages, to look for other possibilities and other configurations. The objective: to invent unexpected sonic fields, both structured and spontaneous, or even structured and spontaneous in the same piece, so that the two areas are indifferent. How much of a theme is improvised and how much is composed? Only Camila Nebbia and Sofia Borges know this.

Cast and Creative

Sofia Borges drums, percussion Camila Nebbia tenor saxophone


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