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Terreno Selvagem 2 (Wild Ground 2)

Miguel Castro Caldas, Pedro Gil and Raquel Castro
©TNDM II, fot. Filipe Ferreira (2016)
Past event
Dates and Schedules

26 October to 13 November
Wednesday to Saturday, 19h30; Sunday, 16h


Sala Mário Viegas


€12 with discounts

Age Restriction


Portuguese Sign Language

13 November, Sunday, 16h

Audio Description

11 e 13 November, Friday, 19h30; Sunday, 16h


Terreno Selvagem 2 is the second part of a diptych inspired by the first 10 years of the daughter of Pedro Gil and Raquel Castro. Together with Miguel Castro Caldas, they invented a daughter character, a father character and a mother character. In the first part (premiered in 2016), the 5-year-old daughter played orders with her parents and, in all of them, the daughter lost her parents and ended up in a house where a couple who adopted her lived. One day, while she was sleeping, the argument of the father and mother entered the daughter’s ears and she dreamt that her parents had economic problems and that they were going to abandon her to cut costs. In the dream, the daughter was adopted by a couple who brought her up and loved her in exactly the same way as her father and mother brought her up and loved her in reality. Time went by, another daughter was born and the Terreno Selvagem continues.

Cast and Creative

Creation and Dramaturgy Miguel Castro Caldas, Pedro Gil e Raquel Castro Text Miguel Castro Caldas Performances Pedro Gil and Raquel Castro Scenography and Costumes Rita Lopes Alves Light Daniel Worm Sound Pedro Costa Production Mariana Venes Production Assistant and Communication Bernardo Carreiras Directing Assistance (trainee) Marta Guimarães Artistic residence of co-prodution O Espaço do Tempo Co-production Razões Pessoais, Rivoli – Teatro Municipal do Porto and São Luiz Teatro Municipal


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