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Tertúlias… isso é Género quê?

Coordination and moderation Sara Duarte
© Alexandre Esgaio
Past event
Dates and Schedules

3 November and 8 December
Saturday, 16h


Sala Bernardo Sassetti


Free admission subject to seating capacity

Age Restriction

Target audience: adults


Conversations on Saturday afternoons around the concept of sex and gender, the world divided in two, feminine and masculine, and what this means in every person’s life . We invited artists, researchers, thinkers, to bring their experience and knowledge to talk with the public, adults and children, in an informal surrounding. While we talk, we will have tea and biscuits. These conversations are for everyone and every age — while some talk, the others can have tea, play or read, right next to us in the foyer of the Sala Bernardo Sassetti. Tigre de Papel and It’s a Book bookstores join us and will bring a selection of books on these themes.

3 November, Saturday, 16h
Identidade e Género, para além do binómio M/F
In this conversation we intend to consider the influence of gender in the construction of identity, on the with and plasticity this concept has brought in terms of perception of the other and in terms of what is our own identity, to figure out and clarify the differences between concepts like sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation.

M̶i̶g̶u̶e̶l̶ Bonneville, artist
Elsa Couchinho, psychologist and psychoanalyst, member of Associação Identidades e Afectos
Miguel Vale de Almeida, anthropologist (ISCTE-IUL e CRIA)
Cristina Martins Halpern , paediatrician, neuropaediatrician in the Centro de Estudos do Bebé e da Criança do Hospital Dona Estefânia

8 December, Saturday, 16h
Identidade e Género, a família, a escola e a pessoa pequena no meio disto tudo
This conversation invites us to reflect on the influence of gender in the construction of identity, on the influence of family and school in that construction and on the consequences of the inequalities associated with gender in the life of girls and boys.

Margarida Lima de Faria, sociologist and researcher, president of Associação de Mães e Pais pela Liberdade de Orientação Sexual e Identidade de Género
Luís Ribeiro, kindergarten teacher, president of Associação de Profissionais de Educação de Infância
Sofia Neves, teacher at Instituto Universitário da Maia, researcher at Centro Interdisciplinar de Estudos de Género (ULisboa) and president of Direção da Associação Plano i
Andreia Nunes, facilitator in projects of prevention of Gender Violence in schools, activist, feminist

Fora de portas
Fora de portas, we will meet in Tigre de Papel bookshop who prepared a cycle of feature films around the theme of gender. And in It’s a Book bookstore who prepared two workshops based on the book Os Vestidos de Tiago by Joana Estrela.

Livraria Tigre de Papel
R. de Arroios, 25, Lisboa
Film Cycle
Film selection by Anne Leclercq e Fernando Ramalho

10 October, Wednesday 21h
Doméstica, de Gabriel Mascaro
Commentary by Inês Brasão

14 November, Wednesday 21h
A Seita, de António André
Commentary by the director, via Skype

12 December, Wednesday 21h
Devenir Il ou Elle, de Lorène Debaiseux
Commentary by António Fernando Cascais

Livraria It’s a Book
R. do Forno do Tijolo, 30A, Lisboa
1 December and 26 January
Oficina Os Vestidos do Tiago, de Joana Estrela
The book Os Vestidos do Tiago is about a boy who likes dresses and asks his mother to buy him one. What happens after that? What should happen? In this workshop we will read the book, talk about gender roles and stereotypes, spin all the ideas and draw an ending to Tiago’s story.
Workshop direction: Joana Estrela
Target audience: 6 > 9 years
Limited seating capacity
Duration: 1h30
Booking at bilheteira@teatrosaoluiz.pt
€2 per participant


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