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Trilogia Antropofágica – Permanecer

Tamara Cubas
Past event
Dates and Schedules

Friday and Saturday, 19h–24h


Palco da sala Luis Miguel cintra


€12 (com descontos €5-€8,40)

Age Restriction

A classificar pela CCE


Permanecer is a performative installation on a coal surface that moves with vibrations and sounds. In this vibrational land- scape, a performer glances the audience and waits for someone to take their place, hardly knowing when and if it will happen.

In turns, people may occupy and stay on this ground which peculiarly shakes, wobbles and creates a constant instability. Is there a more powerful metaphor than these scenes about hard work, dirty work, the geopolitical instability in South-American countries? And yet what each person that steps onto the coal mound is saying is that they did not give up, that they demand an intervention, a role in History and that therefore they resist while the earth is shaking.


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