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Tudo Sobre a Minha Mãe (ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER)

Text Samuel Adamson, based on Pedro Almodóvar's film Staging Daniel Gorjão
©Frederico Martins | Portuguese Soul
Dates and Schedules

11 to 22 January
Wednesday to Saturday, 8pm; Sunday, 5:30pm


Sala Luis Miguel Cintra


€12 to €15 with discounts

Age Restriction

To be classified by the EEC

Portuguese Sign Language

22 January, Sunday, 17h30

Audio Description

20 January, Friday, 20h and 22 January, Sunday, 17h30


Samuel Adamson’s Tudo Sobre a Minha Mãe, based on Pedro Almodóvar’s film, focuses on the life of Manuela – a nurse, a single mother, who witnesses the death of her son on his 17th birthday. Manuela sets out on a journey in search of the father of her son and, in this recovering of the past, she meets an old friend with whom she prostituted herself, she meets a nun and begins to work as an assistant to a well-known theatre actress. Tudo sobre a minha mãe is a play about the unconditionality of feminine strength – about what it is to be a woman (peripheral or not, racialized or not, cis or transgender). It is part of the dramaturgy of these women, who, by being so unconditional, make the concreteness of space and cinematographic time fall, making them symbols of survival and resistance. Daniel Gorjão intends with this show to give stage and voice to issues that are socially under discussion in the media agenda, as is the case of gender identity and sexual orientation, allowing a reflexion by the audience.

Cast and Creative

Text Samuel Adamson based on the film by Pedro Almodóvar Artistic direction Daniel Gorjão Staging assistant Filipa Leão, João Candeias Luís Translation Hugo van der Ding Interpretation André Patrício, Catarina Wallenstein, Filipa Leão, Filipa Matta, Gaya de Medeiros, João Candeias Luís, João Sá Nogueira, Maria João Luís, Maria João Vicente, Sílvia Filipe and Teresa Tavares Music Alberto Iglesias Sound design Miguel Lucas Mendes video captation João Garrinhas | Outro Ângulos Costume execution Jaqueline Roxo Atelier Styling Federico Rudari Press office ShowBuzz Disclosure image Frederico Martins | Portuguese Soul Production and light design Teatro do Vão Support The Editory Hotels, BELLISSIMO CAFÉS, Riopele, Pinguim Púrpura, APICCAPS, Luís Onofre, salt&sugar, Campobello, Felmini, Reve de Flo, Fufel, Fiuza Wines, Polo Cultural das Gaivotas | Boavista e CML – Biblioteca de Marvila Co-production Teatro Municipal do Porto and São Luiz Teatro Municipal Acknowledgments João van Zelst, ink.debris, Marta Sousa Ribeiro and Caramelo Produções


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