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João Garcia Miguel
©Susana Neves / TNSJ
Past event
Dates and Schedules

23 January to 2 February
Thursday to Sunday, 19h


Sala Bernardo Sassetti


€12 with discounts

Age Restriction

Age rate pending


For more than two years, João Garcia Miguel and Francisco Luís Parreira have been collecting stories from “our” war in Africa from their protagonists, wondering why they “lie so blatantly”.  “Survival is in itself a destructive indifference to the question of truth and lies,” writes João Garcia Miguel. “The absolute fiasco of Portuguese fiction, even theatrical fiction, about the war in Africa lies in its memorialist basis, which projects the notion of a service rendered to the truth. But without a true validation of the myth, that is, without the perception of the mythical contour – only capable mean of perceiving the decision that leads to the war – where the Portuguese experience is still lying, there is no understanding of what fundamentally happened in Africa (or in Brazil, or in the East).” This is what this performance is about.

Cast and Creative

Text Francisco Luís Parreira Adaptation, Direction and Scenic Space João Garcia Miguel Cast João Lagarto, Sara Ribeiro e Paulo Mota Choreography Lara Guidetti Costumes Rute Osório de Castro Lighting and Technical Direction Roger Madureira Production Director Georgina Pires Staging assistant Rita Costa Image Mario Campos Rainha Press office The Square Video Bruno Canas Support AUDEX Partners Teatro Aveirense e Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras Co-production Companhia João Garcia Miguel, Teatro Ibérico, Teatro Nacional de São João, Sanpapié, DGArtes, Governo de Portugal, Junta de Freguesia do Beato, IEFP, São Luiz Teatro Municipal


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