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3 > 6 years
By Sara Anjo
Past event
Dates and Schedules

8 and 9, 12 to 14 and 17 November

Families: Saturday, 11h
Schools: Monday to Friday, 10h30 and 14h30


Sala Bernardo Sassetti


€2 (free for adults accompanying schools)

Age Restriction

Target audience: 3 > 6 years, 6 > 10 years


“I remember living in an island a dot, in the middle of the ocean.” This is the beginning of the story in Um Ponto que Dança, this book traces the movements in the life of the dot: it tells his dances from childhood to adulthood, the challenges he faced to find his place in the world and, finally, his freedom. Truthfully, this is the story of a child who, in growing up and becoming an adult, sees himself as a dot connected to everything around him by another thousand dots. Using the book Um Ponto que Dança this workshop by Sara Anjos works with the immensity of movement, from the smallest almost invisible ones, like blinking or flexing the small finger, to the very big ones like the clouds in the sky, the fast traffic and speeding of cars in the street. This workshop searches, thus, a place for attention to dance, to what happens in our body and in the world around us.

Formação para educadores e professores
17 November
Saturday, 14h30 to 18h30

Oficina Um ponto que Dança
Conception and direction: Sara Anjo
Target audience: Kindergarten and primary teachers
Free pending inscription at maisnovos@teatrosaoluiz.pt
Sala Bernardo Sassetti
Physical accessibility for people with reduced mobility

Together with the workshop for children, Sara Anjo will be giving another dance, body expression and creative writing workshop thought particularly for primary and kindergarten teachers. The aim is to stimulate figurative and abstract imagination of the participants, inviting them to explore the body and then create a book where the experience and movements felt are recorded. The methodology is informal and creative. The purpose of this workshop is to develop competencies in regard to body conscience and control, as well as aesthetic and artistic sensibility.

Cast and Creative

Creation and orientation Sara Anjo Stage design Martina Manyà Sound design Artur Pispalhas


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