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A Balada de Amor e Morte do Porta Estandarte Christoph Rilke (2018)

Maria Duarte and João Rodrigues
©João Rodrigues
Dates and Schedules

6 and 7 November
Saturday and Sunday, 18h30


Sala Luis Miguel Cintra (palco)





Age Restriction

Age rate pending


Maria Duarte and João Rodrigues created a show based on the work A Balada de Amor e de Morte do Porta-Estandarte Christoph Rilke, by the Austrian author Rainer Maria Rilke, written in poetic prose: “And one of them stands gazing in wonder at that splendour. And his nature is such that he waits to see whether he will awaken. Because only in sleep does one behold such pomp and such feasts given by such women: their slightest gesture is a fold made in brocade. They construct hours out of silvery conversation, and at times they raise their hands like this – and you’ve got to believe that somewhere where you can’t reach, they’re plucking soft roses which you can’t see. And then you dream: to be adorned with them and to be made happy in another way and to earn a crown for your brow, which is empty.

Cast and Creative

Staged and performed by Maria Duarte Designed by João Rodrigues Translated by Bruno C. DuarteAcknowledgements Acknowledgements Ana Rita Osório, Carolina Duarte, Paulo Pranto, João Grosso, José Leite and Lúcia Pires


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