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A Reconquista de Olivenza (The reconquest of Olivenza)

artwork ©José Pinheiro
Dates and Schedules

1 to 16 October
Wednesday to Saturday, 20h; Sunday, 17h30


Sala Luis Miguel Cintra




€12 to €15 with discounts

Age Restriction


Portuguese Sign Language

16 October, Sunday, 17h30

Audio Description

14 e 16 October, Friday, 20h; Sunday, 17h30


A Reconquista de Olivenza brings together the playwright and director Ricardo Neves-Neves and the pianist and composer Filipe Raposo for the second time after Banda Sonora. The history of Olivenza, an Alentejo portion of Portuguese territory occupied in 1801 by Spain, it is told on stage in a fanciful exercise on Power and Politics, with a lot of humor and very little nationalism… A comedy, commanded by seven crystal balls and where there is no shortage of a materialist-reductionist Queen of Portugal, a prophetic flying dragon, heir twins, Califa’s Berliners, Spanish Infants, a Chinese special envoy, Mary Poppins and even Our Ladies who read tarot. As they say on stage, “bring the cannons, bayonets, crossbows and catapults. We’re leaving! All over the 25 de Abril Bridge, going through the Alentejo to Olivenza”.


Cast and Creative

Text and Direction Ricardo Neves-Neves Composition and orchestration Filipe Raposo Cast Ana Valentim, André Magalhães, António Ignês, Bruno Huca, David Mesquita, Diana Vaz, Joana Campelo, João Tempera, José Leite, Juliana Campos, Katrin Kaasa, Márcia Cardoso, Maria Leite, Rafael Gomes, Rita Cruz, Rita Carolina Silva, Ruben Madureira, Sandra Faleiro, Sílvia Filipe, Sissi Martins, Tânia Alves, Teresa Faria, Tiago da Cruz and David Pereira Bastos (voice) Musicians Jenny Silvestre (harpsichord), Nelson Nogueira (I violin), Cristiana Herculano (II violin), Eurico Cardoso (viola), Sara Abreu (cello), Margarida Ferreira (contrabass), Natália Grossmanová (flute), Filipe Freitas (oboe), Marta Xavier (clarinet), Gonçalo Pereira (bassoon), Ricardo Alves (horn I), Luís Mota (horn II), Óscar Carmo (trumpet), Hélder Rodrigues (trombone), Tânia Mendes (percussion), Marco Fernandes (percussion), Conductor Cesário Costa Vocal Direction João Henriques Orchestra Coordinator Paula Meneses Adaptation and Voice Overview Eduardo Rêgo Sonoplasty Sérgio Delgado Light Design José Álvaro Correia Light Assistant António Pedra Scenography Catarina Barros Scenography and Prop Construction Assistant Cristóvão Neto Scenography Assistant António Muralha and Susana Paixão Scenography Construction Móveis Maia, Sign-Wide Format Print and Thomas Kharel Sewers of Scenography Ana Maria Fernandes, Maria Costa Costume Designer Rafaela Mapril Confection Carla Geraldes, Helena Jardim, Lígia Garrido, Maria Afonso, Mónica Fortes, Shabbir Hussain, Esboços Ilimitados Lda, Ana Sabino Atelier: Celeste Sacramento, Sandra De Arez, Anabela Oliveira Costume Assistant Ana Caetano, Eliana Lima, Patrícia Margarida Silva Characterization and Hair Cidália Espadinha and Dennis Correia Characterization Props Beatriz Pessoa Characterization Assistants Marco Santos, Guilherme Gamito, Bruno Saavedra, Catarina Félix, Moon and Rita Rosa Pico Combat Choreography Tiago da Cruz Video, animation, illustration Temper Creative Agency Promotional teaser Eduardo Breda Art Designer José Pinheiro @O_Pinheirojose Dramaturgy Support and Staging Assistance Rafael Gomes Staging Assistance Diana Vaz and Ana Valentim TdE Production and Communication Mafalda Simões TdE Production Andreia Alexandre TdE Executive Production Adriana Gonçalves Production Culturproject Nuno Pratas Diffusion José Leite Co-production Cineteatro Louletano, Teatro do Eléctrico, Culturproject and São Luiz Teatro Municipal Supports Antena 1, BIRD, BalletShop, Golfe Jardim, Fresco Produções, Make It Happen, Mascarilha, Pecosita Pepito, Polo Cultural Gaivotas/ CML, Ouro Têxteis, RTP2, TBA, Vidal Tecidos Acknowledgments Artistas Unidos, Cineteatro São Pedro (Alcanena), Teatro do Bairro Alto – TBA, Dra. Guilhermina Augusta Pelicano Jorge, Ofélia Meiyu and Helena Deng Yuanying. /// Teatro do Eléctrico is a structure funded by República Portuguesa / Ministério da Cultura – Direção Geral das Artes, by Cineteatro Louletano/Câmara Municipal de Loulé and by Câmara Municipal de Lisboa / Polo Cultural Gaivotas | Boavista


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